Oregon AEP Studies

Throughout 2016, thanks to generous sponsorship by the Oregon Arts Commission, many more communities in Oregon will participate in this economic impact study, representing great geographic distribution that includes coastal communities, the Willamette Valley, Southern, Central, and Eastern Oregon communities, with both metro and rural areas covered. These ten communities will participate.

  • Eugene –led by the UO Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy; the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene; Lane Arts Council; and the City of Eugene
  • NE Oregon – led by ArtsEast in a partnership of Joseph, Enterprise, La Grande and Baker City.
  • Central Oregon – led by the Arts and Culture Alliance of Central Oregon. It includes over 30 organizations from Warm Springs to Sunriver.
  • Portland Tri-County – led by the Regional Arts and Culture Council
  • Clatsop County – led by the Clatsop County Arts Commission
  • Yamhill County – led by the Yamhill County Cultural Coalition
  • Corvallis – led by the Mayor’s office and the Corvallis Arts Center
  • Grants Pass – led by Grants Pass Museum of Art
  • Ashland – led by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (the study also includes Jacksonville)
  • Newport – led by the Oregon Coast Council on the Arts